Shipping is easy with FedEx Freight.

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At The Display Factory we use and rely on FedEx Freight. It’s reliable, safe and the make sure your cargo gets delivered undamaged and on time.

All our products are packed securely to make sure you get it the way it should be in its original state.

FedEx also provide tracking, so you can be sure that it didn’t take a wrong turn.

We utilise FedEx Freight® Economy

Unique freight services. Your region and beyond.

FedEx Freight Customer Solutions Support offers your business an innovative total-solutions approach to supply chain management. Whether you need a shipment across town or across the country, you can count on us to provide the transit times and coverage you need. In fact, with FedEx Freight Customer Solutions Support you can consolidate shipments from multiple warehouses; set an exact release-to-market date for your latest product; find the perfect mode of transportation; and even get a specialized quote for large or small shipments. Whatever the need, FedEx Freight Customer Solutions Support can help.

Shipping Tracking

Freight With FedEx
Track the way you want
Need the status of your shipment or a proof of delivery? Enter your tracking number, reference number or Transportation Control Number.
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